Waterproofing Techniques

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Waterproofing Containers

At some point, most geocachers have opened a cache and found a mass of wet paper, leaves, and mud inside. Here are some ways to make sure your own cache doesn't become one of these waterlogged messes.

  • Check the seals on containers before placing them. Here are a couple ways to do this:
    • Fill up a sink or bathtub, close the container with some tissue paper inside it, and weigh down the container so it is fully submerged. After a few hours, retrieve and open the container. There should be no water inside.
    • Place the container outside with some tissue paper inside it. Choose a location that exposes it to rain/sprinklers at least as much as the cache's intended location. After a few weeks, open the container. There should be no water inside.
  • Use good containers. Cheap containers (e.g., semi-disposable storage containers) tend to leak more.
  • Spread a thin layer of silicone caulk around the edge of the lid.
  • Wrap some teflon tape around the threads of containers with screw-on lids (for example, pill bottles). Teflon tape comes in rolls, about a dollar each. Three wraps should keep your cache dry.
  • Check the gasket of an ammo can (on the inside of the lid, all around) before you buy it.

Waterproofing Documents

  • Labels, stash notes, and other documents can be laminated. If you don't have a laminating machine, most copy shops will laminate documents for a modest charge.
  • Various waterproofing/sealing products (e.g., Mod Podge) can help seal decals or labels that you have printed on a home computer. You can find them in most craft stores.
  • Waterproof paper can be used to print stash notes, log sheets, and other documents.
  • Stash notes and logs can be placed in a ziplock bag inside the container. However, ziplock bags eventually leak (especially if pens/pencils are placed inside them too), and then they just trap moisture and hasten the deterioration of the documents.

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