Waterproofing Techniques

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We have all had the problem of opening a cache and finding a mass of wet leaves and mud inside. Here are some ways you can help this problem:

  • Check the seals on containers before placing them. If in doubt, fill up the kitchen sink, weigh down the container, and put some toilet paper or tissue in. Put the container in the sink, and wait a few hours. When you open it, there should be no water inside. If there is, here are some things you can do:

    • Buy a new container.
    • Get some silicone caulk, and spread a thin layer around the edge of the lid.
    • Get some teflon tape and wrap it around the threads (of a pill bottle, for example). This comes in rolls, about 99 cents each. 3 wraps should keep your cache dry.
    • If it's an ammo can, check the gasket (on the inside of the lid, all around) before you buy it
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