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'''Using MapSend Topo 3D in the US on your MAP 330'''
'''Using MapSend Topo 3D in the US on your MAP 330'''

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Using MapSend Topo 3D in the US on your MAP 330

Magellan has come out with a more detailed map program for us with their GPS receivers. The Accuracy of the maps in this new program is much better then the 4.2 version of Topo. Unfortunately they claim it does not work with the MAP 330. Well being one not to give up I found away to upload these maps to my MAP 330.

These new maps take up more memory for the same area than the older program. You may want to read my other article on how to change the basemap to allow for More Detail Map Space.

The first this you will need is either a SD, XD or MMC card reader or a USB thumb drive or some other device that will look like a removable storage device on your PC. What you will use this for is to “trick” the software into thinking you are uploading to a SD card reader for use in a Meridian GPS.

Once you have that device installed you make your region in the 3D Topo Program. Then you use the Program to upload the region to a SD card. It will ask you for the serial number of your GPS. You must have version 4.00 of the MAP 330 firmware for this to work. Turn your GPS on hit the menu button and move the cursor to the about selection and the serial number is at the top of the screen. Enter this number in to the blank field when you selected upload to SD card. It will than ask you what drive you want to save the file to. Select you removable media drive. After the program is done making that file use uploadserial available here http://www.msh-tools.com/uploadserial.html to upload the detail map to your GPS. Just use uploadserial to browse to where you save the detail map file tell it you are uploading a detail map select the com port and baud rate for your GPS and it send. That is all there is to it. Now you have a Topo 3D detail map on your MAP 300.

You could use Magellan’s magup.exe or smcup.exe, which is usually available on the older mapsend product cds, to upload the detail maps but uploadserial is easier to use.

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