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Making sure this lights me up when i log back in. -BWT


I've found this page through Google when searching for a bugfix for my Wiki.

--BlueNinja 12:07, 23 Nov 2005 (EST) Er, when I tried to upload a picture I got this message: Internal error 
Could not copy file "/var/tmp/phpU1ifoi" to "/usr/home/cacheopedia/public_html/w/images/temp/0/0f/20051123170603!156_5639.JPG".

--BigWhiteTruck 16:02, 23 Nov 2005 (EST) 
Sorry about that. All fixed now.

I'm currently experiencing the exact same bug, how did you fix this if I may ask?




I had to change the permissions on the /usr/home/cacheopedia/public_html/w/images/ directory.

If you are using FTP, i think you can right-click on the folder and set permissions that way. If you have a shell access, a good ol "chmod 777" should do it.

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