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Hi, all. I'm a slow geocacher (1.5 years & 60 finds) currently in Richmond, VA. Together with my wife, we make The Clowneys on'm also a huge fan of MediaWiki, so I was very glad when I found this site. I was considering starting a geocaching wiki on Wikia, and was quite glad that I didn't need to become the only admin on yet another wiki there. It's a relief, I tell you.

I think this is what you call "jumping in with both feet." I'll probably calm down after a while. Probably.

Current Projects

  • Categories One of my wiki-peeves is lack of category structure. Since there seems to be a push to make one, I'll go ahead and take the lead on that, I suppose.
  • I'm planning a geocaching trip for this fall, so I'll probably also be writing no shortage of articles to help me, as well as anyone else that wants to travel the same roads.
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