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*[[Help:How to rename (move) a page]]
*[[Help:How to rename (move) a page]]
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Latest revision as of 14:23, 13 February 2006

Hi! I've only been caching since April, but I've caught on quickly.

I spent a long time last fall editing and writing Wikipedia articles, and we run Mediawiki at work for in-house and customer support documentation, so I am quite familiar with wikistuff.

If you have any questions about the wiki, like how to use it or what kinds of articles are good, etc., please ask!



My To Do:

  • Import more of the help articles from wikipedia
    • Style, i.e. what makes a good article, what makes a bad article
    • Self-policing policies
    • other stuff
  • Figure out how to make the search page include a "create this article" like for no-matches
  • Templates
  • Write some geocaching articles

In addition to the Help:Contents section, here are some articles to write that aren't listed there:

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