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* {{waypoint|GCT4M6|One-dollar Wonders}}
* {{waypoint|GCT4M6|One-dollar Wonders}}
* {{waypoint|GCM4PA|Auburn Softball}}
* {{waypoint|GCM4PA|Auburn Softball}}
* Phobia Series
** {{waypoint|GCYK7H|Acrophobia}} you have to rappel on a cliff to retrieve this cache.
===Favorite Caches===
===Favorite Caches===

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[edit] who am i

  • this guy ---->
  • a geocacher from Auburn, NY. I cache hunt with my wife Amy in and around Central New York, the Fingerlakes region, but have been known to snag caches as far south as Charleston, SC, and as far west and Detroit, MI.
  • someone who has logged Tube Torcher (April 20, 2005 along with my wife and my friend Dan).
  • the owner of rmbwebs.com, which donated the space for this page, and did the initial setup.

[edit] Profile

My geocaching.com profile


[edit] My Caches

[edit] Favorite Caches

Here are my favorite caches in no particular order. Things that will get a cache on this list are kid-friendliness, nice location, nice containers.

  • Tube Torcher
    A great multicache in North Carolina. This one had us climbing silos, driving, running/crawling/squirming through underground tunnels, and hiding from the fuzz for over 6 hours!
  • Gnome's Home Travel Bug Motel
    Very creative hide near Cato, NY. A great place to log travel bugs. Kids will love it.
  • Ocean_Savannah Connection, Part 2
    A fun cache for kids in Clark's Reservation, near Jamesville, NY This is a beautiful park that is great for hiking and being outdoors.
  • The Ghost of Split Rock
    This is a great multi cache in a super-cool location: Split Rock Quarry near Solvay, NY. Young boys will probably go crazy for this location. It's kinda spooky, so bonus points for anyone who does it at night like we did! Make sure you check out The Rock while you are there.
  • The Phlegethon of Unrelatable Nightmares
    Third in my list of favorite caches involving Split Rock Quarry. This one is miles away from the quarry itself, but tied to it in a very interesting way. Bring flashlights, you're going underground!
  • Hundred Acre Wood
    A good cache for kids in Liverpool, NY. There is a playground nearby, then a short hike through the hundred acre wood to a cleverly hidden cache.
  • Land of the Forgotten
    The only micro on my list. I love this cache because it will bring you somewhere that is so touching, you'll likely never forget it, though most of the world has. . .
  • The Tiny Ghost of Lonergan Park
    Another great cache for kids. This one is near a playground in North Syracuse.
  • CNY Falls #5
    Welcome to one of the greatest places in the world, Carpenter Falls. This is where my wife and I had our first date, and got engaged. When you find location two of this cache, find the rock nearby pictured above on this page. From there look over the edge of the cliff. Fifteen feet down is where I asked my wife to marry me.
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