Throw-Down Cache

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A Throw-Down Cache is a "replacement" container hidden by a geocacher who was unable to find a cache. Assuming that the unfound cache is missing, the geocacher hides ("throws down") an inexpensive container like a film canister.

The problems with throw-down caches include:

  • The original cache may still be there, and the seeker just couldn't find it. Future seekers may find the throw-down cache rather than the more interesting original cache.
  • Even if the original cache is missing, future seekers may not recognize the throw-down cache if it doesn't match the description of the original cache.
  • If the geocacher who hid the throw-down cache logs a find rather than a DNF, then the owner may not realize that anything is wrong, so it may take longer for a missing container to be replaced properly.
  • If the owner is no longer maintaining the cache, then the throw-down cache becomes geolitter when the unmaintained cache is archived.
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