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Themed caches are caches that have an unusual requirement or request beyond finding the cache and signing the log.

In 2007, published revised Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines that clarified how themed caches should be listed. Themed caches with mandatory requirements should be listed as mystery/puzzle caches. Themed caches with optional requests can be listed as traditional caches, assuming they otherwise meet the guidelines for traditional caches.


List of themed caches

Individual caches

  • Circular Reasoning (Los Altos, CA) requests loggers to trade small, round things.
  • The Five Senses: TASTE (Woodside, CA) requires loggers to describe their favorite food, what it tastes like, and where they get it.
  • I Lost My Marbles (Menlo Park, CA) requests loggers to trade a marble for a marble.
  • Ladies First (Ottawa, Ontario) requires the first 50 loggers to be women, or to post a photo of themselves dressed as women.
  • Ladies First, please... (Clinton, OK) requires the first 30 loggers to be women, or to post a photo of themselves dressed as women.
  • Pizza: NOT on the Menu (Belmont, CA) requires all loggers to describe a kind of pizza that is not normally on the menu.
  • The Purple Heart (Palo Alto, CA) requests loggers to tell a story of a geocaching-related injury.
  • Roses are Red … (Cumming, GA) requires all loggers to post their online logs in verse.
  • Teamwork (Richmond, VA) requires all loggers to find the cache with another geocacher (and spouses and children do not count).
  • The 12 Days of Christmas All Year (Redwood City, CA) requests loggers to trade Christmas-related items.

Series of caches

Ideas for themes

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