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Hi Luna.

Here is a copy of an email I just got:

--This message was sent through the web site--

Just to let you know your cacheopedia is wide open for hacking.

I was looking at the sight listings and there is an edit button there. Out of curiousity I clicked it and it allows me to edit the listing.

If you go there and look at the link notice there are now three questionmarks at the bottom of the listing.

Thought you may want to know.

Eric K

User's Profile: --Sept1c tank 14:11, 2 Jun 2005 (EDT)

My response

Hi Eric,

The Cacheopedia is open to the public (anyone who visits the site). It is the responsibility of the community to provide material, edit and police. This means you can (you already know) change anything on any page.

One safeguard though, helps to prevent the defacing of the pages; a complete history is available (look in "Recent Changes") and it is easy to monitor all changes and if necessary, restore them to their previous state. That feature also posts the user name or IP address of everyone who uses the site and in cases of abuse, users can be banned.

In closing, allow me to say that Cacheopedia is not mine any more than it is yours. I personally believe the site will grow into a great asset for the geocaching community.

Thanks for visiting the site and thanks for the "heads-up." I think I speak for other contributors when I say, "Welcome, I hope to see more of your contributions and edits." BTW, I removed the 3 question marks.

Sincerely, Richard Niles. --Sept1c tank 15:32, 2 Jun 2005 (EDT)

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