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Why Stealth?

While many caches have very little real worth, some may contain things more valuable. The value varies from a few cents to, rarely, hundreds of dollars. Many will contain personal hitch hikers which if lost can cause distress to the owner and others watching it. Plus, we don't want the game piece to just disappear. Future finders will be wasting their time looking for a geocache that doesn't exist. So, we try to not advertise the geocache even exists in the first place. We hide it.

Security Through Obscurity

Because a geocache has very little in the way of physical security, we hide it. If someone doesn't know it is there, there is no reason to look for it. If they don't look for it then they most likely will not find it. Thus the cache remains secure.

Hiding the geocache is not enough, though. Our actions can give away the location of the geocache. Try to not be observed when hunting, locating, retrieving, and replacing the geocache. If it is impossible to not be observed, then the next best thing is act like you are doing something ordinary so no one will think twice. If it will be obvious that you will compromise the geocache location, many hunters will opt to leave the area and try at another time instead of risking the cache location.

Also, a good tip for not giving away the location of the cache is once you find it move away from the hiding place. This way if a person comes upon you while trading trinkets and signing the log, and becomes curious, they can't return later and easily find the hiding spot.

Obscure the location of the cache. Obscure your actions whilst hunting the cache.

Tips at being stealthy

  • Have a camera with you. If there are people around, pretend to be taking closeup pictures. Macro photography always necessitates getting into odd positions, as does hunting for a microcache.
  • Other people incorporate an orange vest and a clipboard as a way of looking official and therefore less prone to scrutiny. Someone who looks official will not merit a second glance in comparison to a single person just milling around, seemingly without purpose.
  • Binoculars and a bird book are good for a disguise - you can always pretend to be bird-watching. A bird-watcher will hang around the same location for a while, watching birds, while the muggles move away from the cache location.
  • Anything you can incorporate into your "outfit" so you do not become an object of either suspicion or curiosity is a good thing.
  • Khaki and olive clothing that doesn't look military helps to prevent drawing attention when you have to go off into the woods a short distance. Some wear earth-toned Hawaiian shirts to look "ordinary" in public yet not stand out in the woods.
  • Pretending to be talking on the phone is a great way to wonder around, and most people will leave you alone.
  • CITO is a great cover. Pick up litter while looking for the cache, and most people will ignore you. To be extra stealthy, toss the cache container into your litter bag, pick up some more litter, and then take a break to sign the log. You'll be away from the cache's hiding spot when you stop to sign the log. Then you can return the cache container to its hiding spot while picking up more litter.

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