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Scuba caches can be fun and exciting. Because they require certification training in recreational scuba diving, they are not intended for everyone. If you are seeking a scuba cache, be prepared and have all your gear in good condition, tested if need be, and properly packed and ready to travel. You don't want to forfeit a scuba cache because you forgot to put your mask back in your bag before you put it in the car.

If you are creating a scuba cache, make sure your cache description indicates any and all equipment AND any special certifications required for the dive. (Don't send a cache hunter into an underwater cave or wreck site looking for a cache if they are not cave- or wreck- dive certified.)

Make sure the container is durable and easy to unseal and re-seal as the more complicated the device, the less likely it will maintain its water-tight integrity.

Hunting for a scuba cache and getting it to the surface can be disappointing if its been flooded due to faulty equipment or a negligent cacher.

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