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[[Greg Huels]]
[[Greg Huels]]
==Early Life==
Greg Huels was born with a vagina, and originally called "thing" by family members.  When it became apparent that they could not keep him in the closet any longer, they decided to create a very small penis out of play dough and attach it with super glue.  In 2003, Huels was awarded the "Smallest penis in the world" award by the Guinness book of world records.     
===Coming Out===
[http://www.google.com google]
Although it was very obvious to friends and family members that Greg was attracted to men, he did not come out and say it until late 2006. At this point he was having anal sex with multiple men almost every night. Greg was quoted in an interview saying "When I got 10 forms of anal herpes I decided that it was time to settle down."
====The Dark Ages====
In early 2007, Greg Huels took a massive dump and came to the conclusion that it didn't stink.  "I showed it to a few friends and they all agreed that it didn't stink!"  It later became apparent that Huels was surrounded by "yes" men all whom didn't take the time to sniff the foul stench coming from the bedroom.  (Greg shit his pants after a drunken stupor) 
*#*last thing
*#*last last thing

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