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There are some items that shouldn't be in a public geocache for various reasons.


NEVER put these in a cache! PROHIBITED

  • Guns or other weapons. Items designed to be a weapon.
  • Live ammunition. Inert items, okay.
  • Drugs, both over the counter and prescription.
  • Alcohol or cigarettes. These are age-restricted items. Children find caches.
  • Explosives or fireworks.

Food is never a good trade item to leave

Animals are attracted to the scent of food and can destroy most common cache containers. Even heavy duty cache containers are no match for the largest of curious animals like bears. Food items can spoil causing someone to become sick if consumed. Some items can rupture ruining the rest of the cache. Most people will not consume a food item left in a cache, so why leave it?

Under very special circumstances, this author finds it acceptible for the owner of a cache to leave certain food items in a cache. These items need to be long lasting and well packaged, "life boat" rations is good example. A survival-themed cache or a cache at the end of a hard hike are good examples of a cache that might an owner might leave food items. However, special precautions must be taken and the owner should accept that the cache could be destroyed by food seeking animals and there could be a back-lash from the community. Finders should thoroughly inspect any item before consumption. This, in no way, advocates leaving food items in any general cache.
-- CoyoteRed 12:10, 21 May 2005 (EDT)

Debatable items

pocket knives\multi-tools

Small knives and multi-tools are seen by many as a real stretch to be called a weapon or dangerous. However, in today's world where the only weapons used to perpetrate the worst terrorist disaster in US history was box cutters, one can understand the concerns. If you leave a pocket knife or a multi-tool be prepare for some backlash.

Bottled water

Depending on the climate bottled water is not a good idea because if the bottle goes through several freeze and thaw cycles, the battle may fail thus ruining the cache. Many places, however, bottled water will last perfectly well until traded out and consumed. Be aware though that some cachers will not consume anything removed from cache. A well maintained and clean cache is more likely to be favorable to someone who might drink a bottle of water than one that is filthy and full of bugs. Just be aware of the caveats of leaving bottled water.

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