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[[Matt Stum]] Coined the term "geocaching"
[[Matt Stum]] Coined the term "geocaching"
[[Leatherman]] Designed the [http://www.bytethebullet.com/geologo/ public domain "Gx" logo]
[[Leatherman]] Designed the [http://www.bytethebullet.com/geologo/leatherman_variants.htm public domain "Gx" logo]

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If someone has contributed to geocaching in an historic manner, include a short biography here. Remember, this is history, so please double check your facts and include refrences. Please do not copy profiles from external websites.

[edit] Pioneers in Geocaching

Dave Ulmer The Father of Geocaching

Jeremy Irish CEO of Groundspeak, Inc.

Matt Stum Coined the term "geocaching"

Leatherman Designed the public domain "Gx" logo

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