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[[Matt Stum]] Coined the term "geocaching"
[[Matt Stum]] Coined the term "geocaching"
[[Leatherman]] Designed the [http://www.bytethebullet.com/geologo/ public domain "Gx" logo]
[[Leatherman]] Designed the [http://www.bytethebullet.com/geologo/leatherman_variants.htm public domain "Gx" logo]

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If someone has contributed to geocaching in an historic manner, include a short biography here. Remember, this is history, so please double check your facts and include refrences. Please do not copy profiles from external websites.

Pioneers in Geocaching

Dave Ulmer The Father of Geocaching

Jeremy Irish CEO of Groundspeak, Inc.

Matt Stum Coined the term "geocaching"

Leatherman Designed the public domain "Gx" logo

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