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As of 12 Jan, 2006 NYGO membership is at 870 [http://www.ny-geocaching.org/modules.php?name=Members_List members].
NYGO sports [http://www.ny-geocaching.org/modules.php?name=Members_List 870 members] from all over NY and some surrounding states.
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|(Board Member)
|(Board Member)

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Also known simply as NYGO, the New York Geocaching Organization is an organization for NY geocachers, by NY geocachers. ny-geocaching.org is a community-centered site for geocachers to meet, plan and discuss. It features forums, photo galleries, and much more.



NYGO's mission statement, as found on their web site:

The New York Geocaching Organization (NYGO) shall exist as a non-profit educational society, formed to foster and promote knowledge of and interest in, the activity of geocaching by educating members on responsible stewardship of public lands, raising public awareness through the effective use of media relations, and presenting geocaching as family oriented activity.


NYGO sports 870 members from all over NY and some surrounding states.


Sandra Forbes (President)
Jessica Reeher (Vice-President/Founding Member)
Sue Weiland (Secretary)
Brian Cota (Treasurer)
James Pac (Founding Member)
Robert Brock (Founding Member)
Sal Zarbo (Board Member)
Mike Burkard (Board Member)
Mark Roloson (Board Member)
Terre Truppe (Board Member)
Dan DeBrucker (Board Member)
Barb Brown (Board Member)
Donna Wester (Board Member)


  • Mailing Address
New York Geocaching Organization
P.O. Box 4193
Kenmore, NY 14217-0389
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