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Neongeo is a premium (paid) application for the Android platform to aid users in finding geocaches. It enables the user to do paperless geocaching.

Neongeo uses Groundspeak's Geocaching Live API to acquire geocache data in compliance with the Geocaching.com Terms of Use. Note that Groundspeak's Geocaching Live API limits basic (free) members to downloading detailed cache information for only 3 traditional caches per 24 hours. For more information, see the Geocaching Live API page.

Other features of Neongeo include:

  • adding navigation waypoints (e.g., multi-cache stages, where you parked your car)
  • using corrected coordinates (e.g., puzzle solutions) in your Personal Cache Notes on geocaching.com
  • importing GPX files for corrected coordinates and/or offline use
  • support for multiple map data providers, including custom map data providers
  • managing Favorites selections
  • creating cached maps for offline use
  • automatically downloading basic cache data for caches near your position

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