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Examples of Nano-Caches
A Blinker (and a dime, to show relative size)
A Bison Tube (and a dime, to show relative size)

A nano-cache is an extremely small micro-cache. According to the "What does a geocache look like?" section of Groundspeak's Geocaching Guide, a nano-cache is "a common sub-type of a micro cache that is less than 10ml and can only hold a small logsheet." Examples include:

  • blinkers
  • smaller bison tubes
  • pet ID capsules
  • contact lens cases
  • memory card cases
  • breath strip containers

There is no separate cache size for nano-caches at Nano-caches are considered a "sub-type" of a micro-cache, and should be listed as micro-caches. Still, some cache owners list nano-caches as an unknown size, and explain the nature of the container in the cache description.

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