Mint Springs Valley Park, Crozet, VA

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Mint Springs Valley Park, near Crozet, VA, is a good example of a geocaching park. Though there are not dozens of caches as in some parks, it does have ten caches (including two virtual caches and one letterbox) in an area less than one square mile. The park has a trail system on which the caches are placed, minimizing the amount of buswhacking necessary to find the caches.



Mint Springs Valley Park is loaced in central Virginia, about halfway between Waynesboro and Charlottesville near the southern end of Shenandoah National Park. The park is a few miles north of I-64, and access f fairly easy from the interstate.


Mint Springs Valley Park does charge a user fee from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Please see the park's website (link below) for full details.


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