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The Indiana Spirit Quest (ISQ) is a series of caches that have been placed in cemeteries mostly within the State of Indiana. The series was started on 25 February 2004 by SixDogTeam. As of December 2005, there are over 400 caches that have been placed by over a dozen caching teams. A few related caches exist in Ohio and Michigan, near the Indiana state line, plus a related cache in Windsor, Ontario. The caches are listed on

The ISQ series is notable for creating listings that go beyond the basic cache description. The listings have historical research performed and posted on persons buried near the cache placement site, often focusing on veterans that fought in wars dating back to the American Revolution. Photographs of the cemetery and of interesting headstones are always included on the cache's listing. Notable landmarks are often mentioned and included in the listing as well. There is a common template for all listings in order to maintain a consistent appearance for the series.

The ISQ series primarily focuses on older cemeteries that are no longer active, but there are many caches placed in active cemeteries as well. Usually the placed cache is placed away from any tombstones. One major tenet of the series is that respect for the cemeteries is maintained at all times. Night caching is strictly not allowed by the cache owners. The listings also exhorts visitors to re-place any fallen American flags and remove and trash from the grounds.

Most of the caches in the series are small caches, often microcaches. Given that they are hidden with low difficulty factors and near roadways, the caches tend to be quick finds. As a large number of caches in the series are in close proximity of each other, this has led to days where a geocaching team has found several dozen in one day. The current record is 102 finds made by four teams working in conjuction on 30 May 2005. However, a few of the series are multicaches or puzzle caches, which require extra time to locate.

External link

Indiana Spirit Quest #1: contains information on how ISQ caches are placed

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