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Get Started: Choose a cache type

There are several types of caches, from Traditional to Locationless to Event Caches. Review the Types of caches to choose which type suits your style.

Next Step: Choose a cache location

Sometimes your choice of location will dictate your choice of cache type, but you can also choose which type to place, and then go hunting for a suitable location.

These articles discuss the details of choosing a good location to hide your cache:

Third Step: Assemble your cache

This article was a suggested article, but it's unclear in which section it belongs on this page.

Growing moss has nothing to do with geocaching, unless, of course, you are growing the moss directly on the cache container as some kind of camo.

Next: hide your cache

One of the big rules is "don't use digging tools to create a place to hide your cache!" Caches are not buried. However, they are frequently placed under piles of branches or rocks, and micros tend to be stuck to metal objects, using magnets.

Finally: Submit your cache for review

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