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Write articles (even stubby ones)

Cacheopedia is currently (05 May, 2005) in it's infancy. What we could really use now is people writing articles. Currently we have a very high requested/written article ratio. If you would like to write about something, go for it! Don't worry about writing the best article, or what people will think about it. Just make it as clear and informative as possible. Others will add to it if they feel it could be improved. The whole idea of a wiki is people building off of what other's have started. This is your site, make it what you want.

But, do not submit copyrighted work without permission. Even if you have permission, please give credit where it is due in the form of some type of reference. If you cannot determine if a work is copyrighted or not, you must assume that it is.

One way to get the ball rolling is to change empty links into Stubs. Let's say you just wrote an article, and wikilinked a bunch of terms from it. Take a minute and turn those empty red links into stubs.



We need some. It'll be nice to get a lot of categories set up with subcategories too. Having categories linked to from the front page would really expand the site. Categories and subcategories are masively simple to set up, let's do it!


Also, there are a lot of articles that are using lists of wikilinks to define a bunch of terms.
Bad way:


If you are going to write an article about heels, then go ahead. Otherwise try this:

Better way, using level two headlines. Three or more of which on one page causes an automatic table of contents for the page to be generated.:

== Carp ==
Carp are tasty fish if cooked right. . .
=== Big carp ===
they can get huge!
=== Little carp ===
no such thing!
== Perch ==

When you do it that way, everything is spaced out nicely on one page, with a clickable table of contents. Also, it doesn't cause massive inflation of the articles list..

Something to replace the flower. It should reflect the nature of this site.

Cleanup tasks

  • When you see an article that could be better, help by editing
    • Spelling corrections
    • Grammar
    • Fact-checking
    • Adding additional information
    • Rewriting awkward or NPoV sections
  • If an article has not yet been wiki formatted, do so!
  • Add links, both internal and external. Link to Wikipedia articles if it's not something we're likely to have here
  • If you see a redlink and it's something you think you could write, go for it
  • Go through Categories:Stubs and flesh out stubs
  • Go through Special:Wantedpages and write these articles
  • Create Redirects
    • Think of alternate names for the article and redirect that name so people can find it
  • Upload images and add them to articles (make sure the copyrights are covered!!)
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