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Here is a list of some of the hardest caches known to humanity.



  • No further south from here GCHN13
    A virtual cache at the south pole.
  • Cone_Z GCKM8M
    A physical cache in Antarctica.

Active Volcanoes

  • There are many caches in active volcanoes.


  • Gokyo Ri GCJCAW
    A cache at a mountain peak in Nepal, the altitude is 5360 meters (17,580 ft) above sea level. You will need 9 days for the trip from a remote airstrip in Nepal to the cache and back. As of Feb. 2006, there are no actual finds, though many people claim to have reached the spot but discovered the cache to be missing.

Diabolical Micros

  • Shelter II GCQR7W
    A micro cache hidden somewhere on a rest stop shelter of an interstate in Indiana. Teams of people sometimes numbering as many as 15-20 scoured the shelter for two weeks before someone came up with the find.
  • You've got to be kidding me GCRX5V
    A difficult micro that warns you may get angry searching for it.

Mind-bending Puzzles

  • The Journal GC484C
    A puzzler rated 5/5 in Illinois
  • Rupert's Cash Cache GCJYD2
    A puzzle that's been solved once in two years.

Crazy Multis

  • Don't do this cache! GCNCBD
    That's really the name of the cache! It's a difficult bushwhacking multi in the depths of Connecticut jungle.
  • Tube Torcher
    A great multi in NC, now archived
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