Ground-zero hunting technique

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Just a few randon thoughts for now:

1) Mark the spot and keep track of where it is. If it is truly the center of your search, then don't let your focus continue to drift in one direction unless there are definite clues that take you that way.= 2) Look for that flattened patch of leaves where everyone stands as they open the box.= 3) Look for the path from the closest trail to the flattened patch of leaves. 4) Look for that tree... rock...stump... that just screams CACHE to you. It probably did to them also. 5) Look for an unusual grouping of natural objects. Sticks seldom fall into hollow trees or under rocks. Rocks seldom pile themselves into small cairns. 6) Look for no moss. If a group of smaller rocks are moss covered except for one, that one has recently been turned over so that yu are seeing what used to be the underside. 7)

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