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Google Earth is a great piece of software from our friends over at Google. It allows you to zoom and fly over a virtual earth overlayed with actual satellite imagery from Google Maps.

Members at can download a file from their account page that will enable Google Earth to show where geocaches are, providing links to cache pages. Its also possible to download a track from a Travel Bug page, which lets you view a 'fly through' of the travel bug's journey.

Be warned that the KML files downloaded from are deliberately made inaccurate - cache locations may be shown many meters from where they actually are. Also, as you move the map around, the caches will change position. For this reason, it's hard to use the geocaching KML file to locate caches precisly.

How to use Google Earth to accurately display geocaches

It is also possible to open GPX and LOC files in Google Earth ("File" menu and "Open", or just drag and drop).

Google Earth is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

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