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Geocaching Community Sites

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Resources for the UK Geocaching Community

News and Info - for new members UK Stats - stats on UK cachers and caches TrigpointingUK - like Benchmark Hunting

there is also a Forum, a Gallery, GIS maps, a Chatroom, event Calendar, GeoWiki and GUK blog -- The GeocacheUK website is owned and maintained by Ian Harris (Teasel), Brian Deegan (Deego) and Barry Hunter (barryhunter).

Geocachers of the Bay Area

This community site supports the geocaching community in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, reaches out to new cachers, provides resources to travelers visiting the area, and facilitates a dialog between geocachers and local parks and open space districts.

Geocaching i Norge (Geocaching in Norway)

A Norwegian geocaching community site. (Norwegian and English)

Resources for the Belgian Geocaching Community, in Flemish and French! With a forum, maps, stats, classes, goodies, links, ... and a link to your page on the

Resources for the Portuguese geocaching community and for geocachers visiting Portugal. With a forum, maps, a huge variety of stats, links, and lots of information.

Portugal's Geocaching and Adventure Portal With a forum, articles, and other resources.


The Geocaching Site is a brand new website which contains geocaching news, rules, videos, information and more. It's a great site for novice and experienced geocachers alike. and have paired up to offer a great curriculum + geocaching package for teachers who are excited about sharing this wonderful sport. In the spirit of Geocaching, Educaching™ is a curriculum that uses GPS technology to create an innovative learning atmosphere. Exciting lesson plans, unique ideas, and helpful strategies that incorporate the national teaching standards provide a road map to make education challenging, rewarding, and fun. Inspired by geocaching, the popular GPS adventure, the Educaching™ curriculum will utilize exciting technology to connect your students with their academics.

Everything about geocaching in Lithuania

The Swedish geocaching site.

The first italian geocaching site.

Geocaching Organizations

Geocaching Organizations

Geocaching Hamburg

A german Site from Hamburg, Germany with Tipps for Geocaches, Software and news from around Hamburg

Houston GeoCaching Society

The local GeoCaching site for South East Texas. Forums, pictures, and great friends.

Canada's Capital Cachers

The purpose of this website is to promote the sport (game, activity) of geocaching in the Ottawa / Hull region and the surroundings.

Ratings and Rankings for caches in Ottawa Canada

This website keeps track of rating information for caches in and around the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area.

Romanian geocaching community site

Everything about geocaching in Romania

Everything about geocaching in France

Geobuscadores Españoles Asociados

Geobuscadores Españoles Asociados (GEA) es la primera Asociación legalmente constituída en España de aficionados a las actividades de ocio y tiempo libre basadas en el uso de tecnología GPS, y más concretamente a la práctica de Geocaching, constituyendo un punto de encuentro para los aficionados a esta actividad donde sumar, desarrollar y satisfacer intereses comunes.

GEA nace bajo la fórmula de Asociación sin Ánimo de Lucro, con un alcance de ámbito nacional, y con unos objetivos muy claros de difundir, promocionar e incentivar la práctica de Geocaching en particular, y en términos generales, catalizar y potenciar el uso del GPS, como un elemento diferenciador y de gran valor para su utilización y aplicación en actividades de ocio y tiempo libre.

Archivos descargables, Tutoriales de Geocaching, Galerias fotográficas, Nuevos Cachés, Reuniones y Eventos... El Geocaching en España se llama GeocachingSpain.

Geocaching Blogs

Geocaching Blog and Information Center is a resource devoted to the sport of Geocaching. Shared stories, experiences and even a new product or two.

Geocaching in Crete

Omilos and friends geocaching stories mostly in Crete

GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right?

Andy "HeadHardHat" Smith's award-winning geocaching blog features his GeoSnippits videos, which can be seen on YouTube and Michigan Magazine TV (RFDTV).

Geocaching World with Andy HeadHardHat Smith

The blog for Andy "HeadHardHat" Smith's show, seen on Be sure to take on HHH’s challenge for the week to strengthen your Geocaching skills!

Geocaching Idaho and Beyond

Extensive links to the world of geocaching. Both beginner and avid cachers will find useful and entertaining stories from the field, pictures, videos and how-to information

Geocaching Romania

[RO] Aventurile a doi geocacheri din Deva,Romania. (CrsKy si Ally81)

[EN] Adventures of two gecachers from Romania. (CrsKy si Ally81)

The Geocaching Shop Blog

Blog for an UK-based geocaching supplies vendor.

Cache At Night Blog

Tips, tricks and tools for caching at night.


Commentary about geocaching including the opencaching movement.


Andrew George's blog about improving the quality of geocaches, promoting geocaching as an opportunity for "voyages of discovery" and "great experiences that enrich our lives".

What is Geocaching Blog

A general geocaching guide blog for those interested in getting started with geocaching.


A podcast about Geocaching. The free weekly audio show includes news, tips and tricks, tools of the trade, caching stories, interviews, reviews, and more. The high quality, family friendly shows may be played on any MP3 player, CD player or right on the computer. The site has also created the PodCache: a cache where audio clues guide people towards hidden caches, like an audio-based letterbox.

Geocaching Supplies

The Cache Station offers Geocoins, Pathtags, Geocaching containers, micro Geocaches, evil Geocaches and regular caches for every Geocache hide style.

A great resource for the avid geocacher who wants to find custom caching containers at a reasonable price. This website has coolest looking and most realistic outdoor caches on the market. also offers packages for teachers who want to incorporate their geocaching into their curriculum.

Sites for Related Activities

A Groundspeak site providing tools to share and discover unique and interesting locations.

A Groundspeak site providing a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures in the real world. Use GPS technology to guide you to physical locations and interact with virtual objects and characters.

A listing site for photos with clues. Finders are not given the coordinates of the location, and must find the location using the photo and clues.

Munzee is a scavenger hunt game where QR codes are found in the real world and captured using smartphones.


GeoCheckpointing is an outdoor game where participants use a GPS device or a map to find control points called GeoCheckpoints. GeoCheckpoints contain a 3-letter code, which is used to log visits on the web site.

On the trail of the cists (Sur la piste des cistes)

Cistes use clues and puzzles rather than GPS coordinates, similar to letterboxes. Cistes do not use stamps like letterboxes, and there is no physical log to sign. However, swapping trade items and logging the trade online are required.

Letterbox Sites

Historic Sites

the original site; started May, 2000; now dead [1]

started Jun, 2001; now dead

started mid-2001; now dead

started Jun, 2002; now dead

a site dedicated to moving caches; started Dec, 2004; shut down June, 2006; now dead

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