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So-called "geocaching parks" are parks with a large numer or large density of geocaches. These kinds of places are helpful for those planning a geocaching trip, or those trying to raise their find score, as they provide a place to stop and spend a few hours, with the chance of getting dozens of finds.

While there do not yet appear to be parks designed specifically with geocaching in mind, many public parks that allow geocaches to be placed tend to fill with caches as time progresses. Particularly in urban areas, where the majority of caches will tend to be microcaches among the concrete and glass of the cityscape, public parks provide a wonderful opportunity for city-living geocachers to be able to place and find larger caches (and more challenging terrain ratings). As a result, these parks tend to be used to their fullest, and often caches are crammed into them as close as the cache saturation guidelines allow.

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