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==Quick GSAK tutorial by a non-power user==
Okay, I'll be the very first to admit that when I downloaded and installed GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) on my PC last year, I was stumped. I have never worked with a database program before, so when I clicked the icon for the "Filter" on the Toolbar
[[Image:GSAK Tutorial 1.jpg]]
I was overwhelmed with all the options:
[[Image:GSAK Tutorial 2.jpg]]
Some kind people in the GSAK thread in the Groundspeak Forums helped me as I learned to set different kinds of filters.
Now, after loading a new Pocket Query, the first one I use is a default GSAK filter that finds all the caches with two DNFs by the last cachers.
[[Image:GSAK Tutorial 3.jpg]]
I look at the list and check out the caches on the website, if I have time. If not, I just right click and from that menu, choose to delete all the waypoints in that filter.
After that, I choose a center point for that day's adventure. If by some chance I am going to head out for a specific cache, I'll use that one as the center point.
Then, since my Vista C has a 500-waypoint limit, I have to do a distance filter because I have more than 1000 caches in my Default GSAK database.
[[Image:GSAK Tutorial 4.jpg]]
A good distance for my area might be a circle of 15 miles. That will reduce the number of caches in my list to a number well under 500, so I can delete the "Geocaches" and "Geocaches Found" from the GPSr, but keep the other waypoints on it that I want, before sending the new cache waypoints to it.
After getting the small list, I hit the GPS menu item and choose "Send waypoints."
[[Image:GSAK Tutorial 5.jpg]]
After the waypoints have been sent to the GPSr, I use the File/Export menu to create a .pdb file for my Palm M500.
[[Image:GSAK Tutorial 6.jpg]]
After opening my Palm Software and making sure the file I just created is ready to be installed to the card on my Palm, I HotSync the Palm.
This process doesn't take very long, and now I'm ready to go on my new caching adventure with up-to-date information for the caches I will be looking for.
GSAK is a very sophisticated, complicated program that can do much more than I have learned to do with it. There are power users out there who have probably created batch files that can do what I do manually. However, even this way, it doesn't take much time at all to get those brand new caches into my GPSr and my Palm so I can quickly head out the door on my next caching adventure.

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