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==Current Fizzy Challenge Caches==
==Current Fizzy Challenge Caches==
* {{waypoint|GC11E8N|Well Rounded Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge)}} (California)
* United States
** California: {{waypoint|GC11E8N|Well Rounded Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge)}}
* {{waypoint|GC12QFK|The Completed Matrix}} (Indiana)
** Colorado: {{waypoint|GC1555F|Well Rounded Colorado Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
* {{waypoint|GC1555F|Well Rounded Colorado Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
** Georgia: {{waypoint|GCVAPY|Georgia's Well Rounded Cacher}}
* {{waypoint|GC13P6B|Well Rounded Washington Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
** Idaho: {{waypoint|GC1632Q|Idaho's Well Rounded Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
* {{waypoint|GC15E8N|Well Rounded NE Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge)}} (Massachusetts)
** Indiana: {{waypoint|GC12QFK|The Completed Matrix}}
* {{waypoint|GC15NNY|Well Rounded Cacher Challenge (Fizzy Challenge)}} (North Carolina)
** Kentucky: {{waypoint|GC15DY2|Kentucky's Fizzy Challenge: THE 81}}
* {{waypoint|GC161AX|The Utah Well Rounded Cacher}}
** Massachusetts: {{waypoint|GC15E8N|Well Rounded NE Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge)}}
* {{waypoint|GC15DY2|Kentucky's Fizzy Challenge: THE 81}}
** North Carolina: {{waypoint|GC15NNY|Well Rounded Cacher Challenge (Fizzy Challenge)}}
* {{waypoint|GC1632Q|Idaho's Well Rounded Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
** Ohio: {{waypoint|GC1AHN3|OhiO's Well Rounded Fizzy Challenge}}
* {{waypoint|GC18KF1|Well-Rounded Tennessee Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
** Tennessee: {{waypoint|GC18KF1|Well-Rounded Tennessee Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
* {{waypoint|GC1AHN3|OhiO's Well Rounded Fizzy Challenge}}
** Texas: {{waypoint|GC19XMT|Been There Found That - Texas 81 Challenge}}
* {{waypoint|GC15P98|I've Been Everywhere - BC's Hardest Cache}} (British Columbia)
** Utah: {{waypoint|GC161AX|The Utah Well Rounded Cacher}}
* {{waypoint|GCVAPY|Georgia's Well Rounded Cacher}}
** Washington: {{waypoint|GC13P6B|Well Rounded Washington Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)}}
* {{waypoint|GC19XMT|Been There Found That - Texas 81 Challenge}}
* Canada
** British Columbia: {{waypoint|GC15P98|I've Been Everywhere - BC's Hardest Cache}}

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The Fizzy Challenge is a series of challenge caches. The first Fizzy Challenge cache was created by Kealia to honor the contributions of FizzyMagic to the local geocaching community.

FizzyMagic's FindStats program performs statistical analysis of GPX files, and reports (among other things) the number of each type of cache found, and the number of caches found of each difficulty–terrain combination. The challenge is to find at least one cache of every difficulty–terrain combination (81 unique combinations), while also finding at least one of each type of cache (ignoring certain extremely rare cache types).

The listing for the first Fizzy Challenge cache includes the actual coordinates, but imposes the additional requirement that the challenge be completed before a find can be logged. The owners of many Fizzy Challenge caches follow this example. Others publish bogus coordinates, and email the actual coordinates to geocachers who send proof that they have completed the challenge.

Current Fizzy Challenge Caches

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