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Event Caches mark the location, date, time, description, requirements, etc. of Geocaching Events.

A Geocaching Event is any official gathering of crazies ... I mean Geocachers.

An Event Cache can usually count towards a tally of a cacher's cache quantity statistic (such as on Geocaching.com)

Generally, a Geocaching Event is a great way to meet other Geocachers in your area.

Many Geocaching Event Caches that are sponsored by a local Geocaching Club will have food, fun, and fraternizing.

Often, Event Caches are located in an area with many Geocaches around.

Sometimes, Temporary Caches are set up for the Geocaching Event Cache.

Friends and Family are often invited to Geocaching Event Caches, even if they do not participate in Geocaching. Thus, Geocaching Event Caches are a great method to recruit new cachers.

DO NOT forget to bring your GPSr to an Event Cache ;)

The first recorded instance of a geocaching get-together (now known as an event cache) was held in Austin, Texas, on March 24, 2001. It was hosted by Eoghan and Pumpkin Princess. The "hide" date was set as the actual date of the event (which became standard practice) and the meeting location coordinates were used for the "cache coordinates". (Ref: http://geocaching.gpsgames.org/history/ )

--Seared Ice 15:02, 14 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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