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Site Updates

New Main Page

I spiffed up the main page a little with a new layout. There are currently 6 featured categories on the main page. This does not mean that these will be the only main categories. Justa new layout. Please feel free to create and edit new categories as you see fit.

--BigWhiteTruck 23:05, 12 January 2006 (EST)

Waypoint Marking

I've added an easy way to make a link to a cache page via waypoint. the waypoint template takes care of it for us now. Just put code like this in your article:


It will make a link like this:


--BigWhiteTruck 15:13, 28 December 2005 (EST)


Spammers have begun to attack this wiki. Go view some of the revisions to pages like the Main Page, or even the help page, you will see for yourself. As of right now I am employing a link blacklist on edits, if you try to make an edit that includes a link that matches the blacklist, your edit is denied. The blacklist I am using is available at [1]. Nightly, a new copy of the list is downloaded to help protect us going forward. Hopefully this will help until the spammers get smarter.

Please be on the lookout for links hidden in pages. Most of the spammers are inserting the links in invisible divs at the bottom of the page s that we don't even notice them, but search engines still pick them up, which is what the spammers are hoping for. When editing a page, please make a habit of scrolling down to the bottom of the edit box before you save.

Sysops Fighting Spam

I am starting to grant sysop priveleges to major contributors because that brings with it the ability to ban ips and users, also to rollback changes automatically. If you find yourself on this list, please read about reverting pages.

  • BlueNinja: Spam cop lately. Also an active contributor.

I am also considering requiring logging in to edit pages. I really don't want to do that, we will see.

--BigWhiteTruck 13:25, 27 Nov 2005 (EST)


After much struggling, SpamBlacklist has been installed. Sysops that see spam getting through can add the urls to our local blacklist page, which is a supplement to the WikiMedia blacklist, that we are also using to block spam.

New Version

This wiki has been chugging along quite nicely on MediaWiki 1.4.1, but it is time for a change. I am in the process of updating to 1.5.2 (You may have noticed that the /w/ in the edit urls has changed to /w141/. pretty soon it will become /w152/ then you will know it's done). Hopefully this will go smoothly. --BigWhiteTruck 21:16, 27 Nov 2005 (EST)

Update: The new version install seems to have gone smoothly. Seems like everything is good. --BigWhiteTruck 00:01, 28 November 2005 (EST)

other updates

  1. File uploading is now enabled, let's see those pics!
  2. I did some updating to the Main Page and elsewhere.
  3. I changed the logo from the flower to the cacheopedia book.

--BigWhiteTruck 21:16, 27 Nov 2005 (EST)

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