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Many geocaches are hidden in the same sort of fassion in the same sort of arias. These can make geocaching somewhat dull and mundane. If you want to make an interesting and creative geocache here are some good ideas.

Traditional Geocache Ideas

  • Take a large container and fill it up with tons of micro geocaches, but only one of them has the log book in it so serchers must open up all of them to log it.
  • Make a game out of it.
    • Title it as Bigger or Better and tell geocachers to replace the one item with something bigger or better so you can see what is the highest cache value that you can get it to be.
  • Hide a large container and then when searchers will open it up have a slightly smaller container so that the geocacher must open up a series of geocaches in a matrioshca fashion.
  • Forget hiding it near the ground. Try hiding it on the roof of a builiding or in the tree tops.
  • Find an abandoned car and have that be the geocache container.
  • Make it blend in to the aria
    • Mold it in the shape of dog poop.
    • Design a birdhouse to hide the geocache in.
  • Hide the geocache in a hard to get to location and then design a contraption to retrieve it.
  • Hide two geocaches 528 feet from each other in similar suburban arias and then title them both dejavoo.

Mystery Geocache Ideas

  • Make the geocachers answer trivia questions in order to get the coordinates.
  • Hide a locked container so that people can find it, but the only way to open it and sign the log is to solve a puzzle.
  • Have a multi stage mystery where geocachers will folow a storyline and solve puzzles to get from one location to the next.
  • Have a riddle written on a piece of paper in a container so that geocachers have to use a household chemical to read the note and find the coordinates to the geocache.

Multi Cache Ideas

  • Theme the mulitcache around a book or movie like the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Have people go to a location and then hide 16 containers each with one diget of the final geocache coordinates so that geocachers have to find all 16 containers to get to the final stage.
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