Cherokee Park, Louisville, KY

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Cherokee Park, in Louisville, KY, is a good example of a geocaching park. Within the park, there nearly 30 caches in less than a 1 mile radius. The park itself is a beautiful natural swathe in an otherwise suburban environment. It was originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, and has been well maintained to his specifications.


Cherokee Park is loaced in western Louisville, on (literally) I-64. The park is only a few blocks from the interstate, and is most easily accessed by taking the Grinstead Dr. exit, turning onto Lexington Rd., and taking either Ledge Rd. or Cochran Hill Rd. into the park, depending on where you want to start caching (be aware that for auto traffic, Scenic Loop is a one-way loop, counter-clockwise around the park).


Cherokee Park is a free park. There are no charges for admission or parking.


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