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The Central Indiana Caching Organization (CINCO) is a social group of geocachers in Indiana. The organization serves the general area about the cities of Kokomo, Lafayette, Lebanon, Logansport, and Monticello.

The group started in October 2005 as a response to the desire for an active social group in Northern Indiana. Beginning as a collaboration of five geocaching couples, CINCO began hosting gatherings in November 2005. It held its first inaugural event in Lafayette, and a second inaugural event in Kokomo the following December. Future events are planned to be held at roughly one-month intervals in 2006, held in varying cities within the defined region. The group also plans to host Indiana's Spring Picnic in May 2006.

The group is generally unstructured as only a treasurer's office has been created. The underlying principle of the group is to avoid problems associated with an organized hierarchy of officials. Hence the group's activities are determined by volunteers. "Offices" do exist within the group, but they are primarily for grandiloquence. (For example, one office is "4th Vice-President in charge of Hot Dogs".)

Noting that cinco is the Spanish word for five, much of the basis of the group rests on that number (i.e. number of defined cities, etc.). From that quality was developed the group's motto: "Five times the fun!".

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