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This category consists of geocaching organization's cacheopedia pages.

You can also go to the List of Regional Organizations/Groups for a list with links to the external pages of organizations who do not have a cacheopedia entry.

Organizations are welcomed and encouraged to create their own pages on cacheopedia, Central Indiana Caching Organization is a good example. Any organization with it's own page should link back to it's state or country's organization category, and to this category.

For example: if you create a page for an organization in New York, please include this code at the top of your page:

[[Category:Geocaching Organizations]]
[[Category:New York Geocaching Organizations]]

That will make it easy for someone to find your page from this page.

There is also a list of organizations by state/country here. Entries should include a link to the cacheopedia page if there is one, or a link to the external page.


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