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Cacheopedia was started by some people who wanted an in-depth geocaching encyclopedia, but didn't have the time, skills, or experience to do the entire job by ourselves.

Cacheopedia is limited in scope to articles dealing with GPS seek-and-find sports, and other related (but not necessarily GPS) activities such as Letterboxing. Any articles related to Geocaching, navicaching, earth caching, letterboxing, and the like, are welcome here.

As this site grows, we hope to see it turn into a definitive and mature source for geocaching FAQ's, articles, definitions, guides, and a whole lot more.

Who are the maintainers? You are!

This site is set up in a "Wiki" fashion. That means that anyone can contribute to the pages and articles, including editing old ones, editing old ones, expanding, linking, and growing. Anything from the smallest spelling correction to writing a full 10-page How-To guide is welcome!

If you want to see an article on here about something, write one! If you think that a current article needs some work, then fix it! It's all up to us, the users.

(Of course, spam and vandalism are unwelcome.)

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