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What is Cacheopedia? Cacheopedia is a wiki site to create an online encyclopedia / reference / survival guide for the sport of geocaching. It is a source for geocaching FAQs, articles, definitions, guides, and a whole lot more.

Cacheopedia got its start in May of 2005 when someone on the forums posted a warning to the community about the growing danger of methamphetamine labs being found more and more often in places that geocachers wanted to go. Someone suggested that there should be a place for geocachers can share such warnings and compare notes on ways to stay safe in the woods. While they were at it, they could share cache hunting stories, tips, hiding methods, etc. The idea for cacheopedia was born when someone suggested a geocaching wiki. The site was started that day.

Anyone can write an article here about any geocaching-related subject that they wish.

(You can also improve articles that others have written)

We are growing fast!

Here is a graph of usage since cacheopedia began.

After the initial rush when the site was new, everything settled down.

But, as you can see, there has been steady growth ever since!

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