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Great topic choice!First on prmuiem membership, I let mine expire in February and didn't miss it much at first but recently (and now that I'm caching more) I do miss some to the features. With the recent upgrade in, they also upgraded the membership benefits and I'm ready to drop the $30.00.Numbers and in no way a representation of your success in geocaching. My numbers are low however, my participation in the game in high. I am involved in geocaching much more my numbers represent. In fact, I will estimate the two thirds of other geocaching activity (i.e. blog site, cache creation, support to other cachers, emails, cache maintenance and reading and learning more about the sport) make up my whole caching regimen. That's only 1/3 finding and hiding! I need to get out more.I can surly see how folks get into the numbers game, after all we are a numbers world. But, like everything else that is measured in numbers, they only represent a very small part of the actual picture.

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