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Are you ready for this one? I have a few bowls and cups from when I was three (they don't make that style anymore) and have ones I bughot 25 years ago. The only thing that has damaged them is from when the children put them in the microwave and heated things like cheese or sauces with fat or grease content, when I accidently had one too close to a pan or skillet while I was cooking and slightly melted it, or when a lid fell in the dishwasher onto the hot drying element at the bottom.I have read that some hard plastics, when heated in the microwave, will release a certain chemical into the food. They are the ones that come in prepackaged frozen foods and some do have a chemical smell to them. I do not believe it is the case with Tupperware. If so, many more people would be having health problems. I raised three children on Tupperware, now ages 23 31, and they are all healthy so far. I did all my own cooking from scratch and they didn't know instant frozen meals from stores until their late teens. And even then, it was rare. I am one of six and we are all alive including my parents who are 77 and 83 this year. Be brave and go for the Tupperware.

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