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There are many different types of containers used to create geocaches. These containers can be categorized into four different groups: Micro, Small, Regular and Large.


Micro Containers

There are many different types of micro containers used in hiding a cache, some of these include:

  • Film cans
  • Magnetic Hide-A-Keys
  • Others....

Small Containers

Cache containers that are not quite a micro container, nor as large as a regular sized container, are categorized as a small cache. Some small containers include:

  • Small tupperware containers
  • Small peanut butter jars
  • Others....

Regular Containers

Regular containers are containers that are large enough to hold a logbook and still have plenty of room left over for trade items. Some examples of regular sized cache containers are:

  • Ammo cans
  • Large peanut butter jars
  • Others....

Large Containers

There are some cache containers that will not fall into any of the other categories because they are very large. Some examples of large cache cotainers are:

  • 5-gallon buckets
  • Others....
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