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CacheBerry is software for the BlackBerry that facilitates paperless geocaching. CacheBerry has to ability to show waypoint names, previous logs, hints (including decrypting hints) and more. It can load multiple caches directly from GPX files generated by pocket queries or GSAK as well as download a single cache GPX file directly from


Where to get

CacheBerry can be downloaded from


There is a free 30 day fully functional trial. To keep using CacheBerry after 30 days, it must be purchased for $14.95 US.


Importing records

Records can be imported on the device using different methods.

Loading from the SD Card

To load from a GPX file already on the SD Card, simply:

  1. Open CacheBerry
  2. Press the BlackBerry key and scroll down to Import GPX...
  3. Browse to where the GPX file is stored and select it
  4. Choose weather you want to clear the existing data or merge this GPX with it

Refreshing cache information

If you have a cache loaded in CacheBerry but you want to get the latest data from [], simply:

  1. From the cache description screen, press the BlackBerry key and select Website...
  2. Look for and click the button on the webpage to download the GPX file
  3. Tell CacheBerry you want to Merge the data

You will no have to back out of the cache page and go back in, but you will have the latest data including logs and any updates to the cache page

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