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Blogging is a form of digital media which allows one to make a "log entry" as often as they desire and it will post to the user's blog (a contraction of the term "weB LOG") on the internet for everyone to view. A blog is like a big digital diary which allows a user to submit text, photos, and more to record events and ideas for others to view. A blog is kind of like a diary, kind of like a newsletter. There are various ways to post an entry to a blog.

The owner of blog (and others, if the blog owner allows) can submit text log entries by typing directly into the blog website. Another means is by sending an email directly to a specially designated email address for that blog. Another popluar way to submit blog messages is by transmitting an image with a short text message using a camera phone. This, too, sends the image and text message directly to a special email address just for entry-making for that blog.

A blogger can even leave digital voice message by calling a designated toll free phone number which allows the blogger to record a voice message for their blog. The message is instantly placed on the user's blog as an audio file which viewers can click to hear when they visit the blog.

Bloggers maintain blogs for everything from their hobbies to their jobs and just about anything you can imagine. Some blogs can be politically influenced and others are about a favorite rock band. Some bloggers make weekly entries and some submit log entries several times a day. Authors use blogs to instill interest in upcoming books. Professors use blogs to disseminate information to students rapidly and efficiently.

There is no limit to what can be done with a blog and it is a fun way to share news or interesting topics with people or just let them know what you're thinking.

A good place to find out more information about blogging is

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