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Well, I don't know how you found this page, but please enjoy my ramblings.

This is a place for me to plan out my future caches. Mostly I get hit with ideas on the wording of the cache descriptions, or maybe just an idea for a hide and want to get them down somewhere, so I am going to put them here.

That said, Major Spoiler Alert!!! You've been warned.

--BigWhiteTruck 09:21, 1 February 2006 (EST)


BigWhiteTruck's Phobia Series


Do you have a fear of the dark? You may after this cache!

To complete this cache, you must trek into the dead of the forest on the darkest of nights. When you get to your destination, you must wait in the dark for a signal from the trees.

Prepare for an adventure into the depths of darkness. This cache may very well scare you silly. You should be prepared for a 2-mile hike through the forest in the dark. The following is a bare minimum of supplies needed per person.

  • Three sources of illumination. I would recommend an LED-powered headlamp, also a couple of good flashlights. You may want to bring one of those gigantic floodlights per team, but only if your team is full of wussies.
  • Lots of spare batteries for everything. All flashlights and GPSrs should have at least one backup set.
  • Glowsticks
  • Compass, and the ability to use it. At all times, the road you parked on is to the west within 3/4 of a mile.
  • Waterproof footwear. Some places are wet. You may wind up trudging through deep mud or leaping creeks and missing.
  • Extra-warm clothes. The temperature generally drops throughout the night until the sun comes up, so dress warmly.

To begin, park near the given coordinates, you will find a trailhead. Leave your vehicle behind and plunge into the gaping jaws of doom! Follow the trail until you see the eyes in the forest to your right. The eyes will lead you! If you get to the stream without finding the eyes, you have gone too far.

Let the eyes of the trees guide you to the lair of darkness. Ignore the cyclopian trees, as they are false guides, who want only to lead you astray. Also ignore any eyes which move. Your true guides are steady and do not travel. You will know you have reached the lair of darkness when you meet the twins. Here you must pass a certain test of your courage.

Stand in the presence of the twins and extinguish all of your lights. You must prove your worthiness by plunging yourself into total darkness. If you can remain in the dark and keep your wits about you, you will see the signal. Once you have seen the signal, you know you have passed the test. Go to it and collect your reward.

A note to potential seekers: I wasn't kidding when I said "the darkest of nights" you have no hope of finding this cache unless it is very dark in the woods. It had better be cloudy or without a moon, especially if the leaves are off the trees. Finishing this cache hunt requires you to see things in the blackness that you will never see even if there is a small bit of ambient light. Enjoy!

Acrophobia - Placed Sep 30, 2006

Scared of heights? Don't look down!

Before you go drivng to find this cache, know this:

  • This cache is on the side of an overhanging cliff
  • It is impossible to climb up to the cache from below.
  • It is impossible to climb down to the cache from above.

This cache is rated 5 for terrain and it means it. To log this cache, you will need rock climbing/rappelling gear, and know how to use it!

You should park at the posted parking waypoint : N 42° 48.806 W 076° 20.481.

From there you can either take the trail to the left, or walk along the road. I recommend taking the trail. When the trail branches off, make sure to take the high road, not the low road. You don't want to walk down into the ravine just yet, we will be taking the fun way down! When you get to the posted coordinates, you will be standing directly over the cache, but you can't get at it while your feet are firmly on the ground!

Cache is an ammo can hidden in a niche in the rock wall and secured with some cable to prevent it from falling. You will have to choose a spot at the top of the cliff and rappell down the cliff face searching for the cache!

To attempt this cache you will need at a minimum:

  • Rock climbing or rapelling gear.
    • A good static line that is at least 100 feet long.
    • A rappel device, preferably one that allows you to stop for extended periods.
    • Some type of ascender like a petzl ascension would be helpful as well
    • Copious amount of extra biners, webbing, and such with which to make anchors of the various trees
  • Ability to use the same
  • A caching partner
  • Guts

I offer my services as a caching partner and ropes expert to anyone who feels that they want to attempt this cache. I will bring everything we need, you bring the guts! I will not lead you to the cache, but I will let you use my gear, make sure everything is set up properly, instruct you on safe proceedure, and accompany you on the descent from a second rope. I have talked many a newcomer through rapelling over the edge of many cliffs, buildings and towers, and guided them safely to the ground, including my wife on our first date and the day we were engaged! Anyone who wants to attempt this cache but doesn't have the confidence, skills, equipment or knowledge should contact me. We can make a trip of it, and I can guarantee an experience you will never forget!

For the sake of clarity:

  • This cache is on the side of an overhanging cliff
  • It is impossible to climb up to the cache from below.
  • It is impossible to climb down to the cache from above.
  • If you are at the cache site and and think that you have found this cache, LOOK DOWN. If you don't see this: You hae not found this cache!


Do strangers make you nervous? Get over it!

This is a three-part multi-cache which will almost certainly require you to enlist the help of a stranger to solve. You will likely not be able to complete this cache in one visit either.

The first stage of this cache is at the posted coordinates, the third stage is nearby, but the second stage is 3000 miles away. You are encouraged to recruit a geocacher who lives near the second stage to help you solve this one.


Do you have a fear of water?

Hydrophobia is the fear of water. It was also a popular name for rabies in the early 20th century, because advanced stages of rabies cause the victim to be unable to drink fluids.

This cache will force you to face your fear of water. You are going to get wet doing this cache. I do not recommend it after a heavy rainfall. This is a good cache for a hot summer day, definately not for a cold winter day.

You will be wading out into a moving stream. It's not too deep if the weather's been dry lately. It it's been raining, then watch out, we wouldn't want you to get swept downstream!

Cache is an ammo can that is weighted down so that it sinks. It is attached to a small cable so that it doesn't get swept downstream. the challenge in this cache is just getting out into the water.

Hints: In the lee of the largest boulder in the center of the stream


I still have to think of some cache idea for this common fear.


Eight legs means four times the fear!

Note: This cache can only be completed during the following hours: Mon-Fri 8a-8p Sat 12-5

Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world, affecting almost 1/3 of the adult population in the US. If you have this fear, you will need to face it to log this cache.

Motivate to the location of the posted coordinates. You will find yourself outside a unique establishment. If you are here at the times listed above, you will be able to enter to complete your quest.

There are eight choices for you to make. You must make all of them. This is so that if there is a group of people up to 8 each person has a chance to participate.

Take all the numbers and add them up. Take that number and throw away everything except the three digits on the right side. This will be the magic number. Replace the last three digits in the coordinates with the magic number.


Find out what all the buzz is about!

Fear Nothing

Have you conquered all the fears?

This cache can only be logged by the most fearless of cache finders. You have to log every other cache in my phobia series in order to log this cache.

If you have found any of the phobia series, you probably noticed a set of numbers inside each cache. You will need the numbers from each of the other phobias to do the final calculations for the location of this cache.

Here's how you calculate the final location:

  • work on this later

Other Ideas

Ode to Charlie

Charlie was a wonderful dog who brought joy to everyone who met him. Time got the better of him however, and he passed away after being in our family for about 10 years. He lives on in our hearts and in a memorial I made for him which marks his final resting place. Posted coordinates will take you to a place where you can view the memorial and find the answer to this question: You do not need to leave your car or enter the yard to answer this question, if fact I would prefer that you didn't. You should be able to see from the road.

What breed of dog was Charlie?

Take each letter in your one-word answer and assign it a number value for it's place in the alphabet.

Now solve this puzzle using the values of the letters in the word

 ! = second letter's value
@ = second + third
# = fourth
$ = last - first
 % = first
^ = fourth plus first
& = last - third
* = last - second

Coordinates to the final cache site are: N 42 !@.#$! W 76 %^.&$*

Kache Karma

It's time to trade down on purpose!

We've all done it: traded down. We take a calculator and trade a McToy. Take a DVD and trade a pencil eraser. Take a Magellan and trade a Garmin. I know that I've done my share of diluting the cache swag around here, I used to trade in polished stones that I bought at JoAnn fabrics for $2 a bag. Oh, the shame!

So here is my attempt at raising my trading Karma.

I have stocked this cache with some really nice (by trade swag standards) swag. All finders are encouraged to trade down intentionally. Take some junk you found in your previous cache, trade it for some really nice stuff, and put the good stuff into the next cache. Then you can increase your trade karma along with me. I will keep the cache stocked with nice stuff and keep removing the junk that people put in it in the hopes that we can increase the general swag quality level in the area.

Rules of this cache:

  • Travel bugs are allowed but are to be treated as travel bugs are normally treated.
  • You must trade IN something that you found in a cache, and trade OUT something better
  • Whatever you trade out you must place in a future cache.
  • If you see something you want to keep for yourself, trade in something just as nice for it.

Make like a kid again

We're going to go back (and forth) in time.

Go to the posted coordinates and then find the magic number solution to this riddle.

Face the ground, then face the sky
But don't try to go too high!
Count forward passes while you rest
For a long-hand's sweep to solve this test!

Take the answer of this riddle and multiply by 12345. Then subtract 12. This new number completes the final cache coordinates of:

split the number in half xxx,yyy and apply to the new coordinates

N42 W76 34.yyy

hints:What has long and short hands which sweep?

Prime Location

Cache coordinates are actually two large 7-digit prime numbers. Only hint on the cache page is a large number which is the product of those two. A pseudoprime.

Rubik's Revenge

You have to solve a Rubik's Cube to finish this puzzle.

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