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[1] is a free service intended to make caching with a mobile Internet-connected phone easier. No more printing out cache pages, no loading your paperless device with the latest updates, no loading field notes from your device back to the computer. Less work, more fun.

Mobile Features

  • Easy integration with geocaching.com using automated Pocket Queries, e-mailed to your personalized bcaching.com email address, and field notes that can be uploaded back to geocaching.com for logging finds, dnfs, and notes.
  • Mobile view packs a lot of information in a fast small space.
  • Find nearest caches based on your location using built-in GPS if available. If not, you can set your location based on a search by a well-known place name, zipcode, city+state, cache GC#, or raw coordinates.
  • View cache detail with full description, logs, hint, travel bug inventory, and additional waypoints.
  • Manage field notes that can later be uploaded to geocaching.com for easy logging. Includes automatic tracking of your current find #. Can also enter private notes.
  • Keep track of your travel bug inventory, pick-ups, and drop-offs.
  • Enter additional waypoints for final locations, stages of a multi-cache, or corrected coordinates.
  • Navigate to the cache using a basic compass view (GPS required).
  • View full google maps view with cache overlay (currently Android and iPhone only).
  • Links to geocaching.com including nearest caches, full cache details (normal view or lower-bandwidth print view), cache picture gallery, and cache owner page).
  • Links to 3rd party apps including Google Maps for mobile, GeoBeagle, Cacheberry, and Blackberry Maps.
  • Integration with 3rd party apps - currently only Blackstar Navigation for Blackberry

Getting Started

The first thing you must do after registering on BCaching is upload your first "My Finds" pocket query. This will link your BCaching login with your Geocaching handle. Your BCaching login can be linked to one and only one Geocaching handle. After your accounts are linked you can upload additional pocket queries for the areas in which you plan to cache.

Uploaded data is only available for 30 days to prevent it from getting out of date so you must upload pocket queries on a regular basis. To make this easier, you can have your pocket queries sent directly from Geocaching.com to your BCaching account via your personalized BCaching email address. You can also forward pocket queries from your own email account.

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