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Saw you site and cannot affrod to get the MSMM 2, but I am interested in the (below) information if you can sell it cheap. I would like to make money. The WSOs seem to lack info. Need something that gets my foot in door. Please help.Thank you.Vanre:Missing Pieces Bonus #2. Super Fast Instant Cash Generator System. Everyone who buys through my link will also get access and training on a super ninja quick cash generating service you can INSTANTLY offer your prospective clients and charge them $500 each for, EVEN BEFORE YOU GO THROUGH A SINGLE MSMM2 TRAINING MODULE! Yes, you see I’ve been doing local search for years now and I have a few cool tricks up my sleeve to get cash coming in quickly from new clients that I’m going to share with you right way.You can use this service to offer to your very first prospects and it’s so easy that all you have to do is fill out a quick client information sheet (takes about 15 minutes) and submit it to the system and your new client will start showing up all over the Internet in local search and mobile search listings. Best of all, this service only costs you $75 (that’s what the people who do all the work charge and trust me it’s peanuts) and that means that you keep $425 in pure profit for every client you do it for.

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