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Archived is the term used to indicate that a geocache is no longer available for hunting. This is the termed used on, while uses the term retired.

A geocache that has been archived means that it is intended to be permanently removed from the list of available geocaches, as opposed to a temporarily disabled status, which indicates that the geocache may be returned to available status. Archiving is a decision that either the geocache owner or a moderator makes. An archived may be restored to active status, but this is at the discretion on a website moderator.

Geocaches may be archived for a number of reasons. The geocache owner may simply have decided to no longer maintain the geocache for whatever reason he or she sees fit. Sometimes a geocache is archived because of a hazard posed by the geocache or its location. For example, the land upon which the geocache is placed is no longer available.

Should the geocache be available for hunting but the owner is no longer willing or able to maintain the geocache (which may result from a move), an alternative to archiving is geocache adoption.

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