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Some .30 cal ammo cans



Ammo cans make excellent cache containers. Ammo cans actually were designed to hold ammunition for the military, so naturally they stand up to the abuses that a geocache container is susceptable to.


  1. Totally waterproof
    • Unless the can is severely damaged, you can pretty much expect it to be waterproof. The lid has a permanent rubber seal and the latching mechanism has huge leverage to ensure a tight closing.
  2. Rugged
    • Durable all-metal construction. Will not wear out or break with use. Works the same in any temperature.
  3. Easy to use
    • Just about anyone can open or close an ammo can. They are very easy to figure out, and almost fool-proof to close.
  4. Price and availability
    • Depending on the size and condition, you can expect to pay between $5 and $15 (or more for very large cans). They are available at any military surplus store, in almost any town in the USA, and at many many online sellers.
  5. Size
    • Lots of room for goodies.


  1. Price
    • Some cache hiders do not want to spend that much money on cache containers.
  2. Look
    • Some geocachers are concerned that the distinct military look of these containers will give cause for alarm depending on where they are placed (terrorist paranoia). Other cachers argue that someone who is predisposed to "call in" a suspicious container is going to call it in no matter what the container is. Everyone agrees that it is always a good idea to mark your geocaches and exercise good judgement in placing them.

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