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The website limits the types of HTML tags that may be used on cache page descriptions. For example, Javascript and CSS are not allowed for security reasons. The tags that are still allowed, however, provide more than enough functionality to allow a hider to customize their cache pages.

In order to effectively use HTML on your cache pages, it helps to have a basic understanding of HTML. Searching the web for "HTML Tutorial" should turn up numerous tutorial sites for beginners.

Before adding HTML tags to your cache description, be sure to check the "The descriptions below are in HTML" button on the Report/Edit Page. Otherwise, the website will strip all HTML from the description. Also, be sure to either enclose each paragraph in <p> tags or follow them with <br> tags, since line breaks in the description may be lost and al of the text on the page will run together.

The following is an incomplete list of HTML tags that are allowed on cache pages:

<b> <i> <u> <br> <p> <a> <img> <font> <pre> <ol> <ul>

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