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Where's George? and Where's Willy? are a pair of websites that track the travels of paper currency. The Where's George? (WG) site tracks United States currency, and the Where's Willy? (WW) site tracks Canadian currency. On both websites, a user enters the serial number and series of a given note, along with the user's postal code, which enters the note into the site's database. When the same note is entered by another user, information regarding previous entries is available, such as distance traveled and time of travel. As a general rule, a note that has been entered into the sites' database are marked (usually with a ink stamp) as to indicate that it is being tracked.

Where's George?, Where's Willy?, and Geocaching

Because of the inherent ability to track the travels of Where's George? and Where's Willy? notes, it became natural to use these as hitchhikers within geocaches. However, the use of such notes tends to run counter to the purposes of the tracking sites. It is the intent of the Where's George? and Where's Willy? sites to track the natural flow of currency, and the use of WG and WW notes within geocaches tend to be not natural according to the definition that the WG and WW sites use.

However, there has emerged something of a compromise regarding this conflict. Knowing that currency would be tracked on the websites, Where's George? and Where's Willy? agree to allow geocache notes to be tracked on those websites. However, such notes are designated as Geocache Bills by the websites, which make them ineligible for records regarding numbers of hits. These sites are set up rules regarding the tracking of Geocache Bills in order to prevent abuse of the websites' actual intent.

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